Sunday, May 8, 2011

RAFW S/S 2011 The Headwear!

I really wanted to do a piece about all the fantastic hats at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week last week, surely with the great millinery talent in Sydney with Nerida Winter, Suzy O'Rourke and Jonathan Howard I would be overflowing with content and ideas, but alas seemingly no. From all my intense scouring of the RAFW (that's not Roll Around Floor Winking) website, I only found only 2 shows that I thought worthy of headwear mentions; Romance was Born (headwear Teresa Redrup) and Carla Zampatti (headwear Jonathan Howard), but please let me know if I've criminally missed someone, there must be more!

The Romance was Born show was magical, part Never Ending Story fantasy, part Oriental fashion warrior, beautiful setting, beautiful clothes, beautiful hair, beautiful headwear, I think possibly the highlight of the whole festival, Teresa Redrup a name to watch methinks!

Jonathan Howard's creations at Carla Zampetti were organic, lush clouds of tricolor head magic, which perfectly matched the movement and lines of the collection. Just beautiful.

Showing us the ropes at Romance was Born SS 2011
Oriental Inspiration at Romance was Born SS 2011

Grecian Goddess at Romance was Born SS 2011
Neverending Snow Bunny @ Romance was Born SS 2011
Framing the Face @ Romance was Born 2011
Carla Zampetti SS 2011
Carla Zampetti SS 2011
Carla Zampetti SS 2011

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  1. Wouldn't you know — Teresa is one of my cousins. If you'd like to read a bit about her, I actually interviewed her for my blog, earlier last year. You can read it here…